Research partners


Twelve regional health teams are currently SIGLES programme partners

Seven health registers

A register is defined as a continuous and exhaustive collection of nominative data concerning one or more health events in a geographically defined population, established by a team with the appropriate skills and destined for research and public health purposes.

Logos des équipes de santé partenaires de SIGLES

General cancer register of Lille and its region (cancers, all locations).

Somme region cancer registry (cancers, all locations).

EPIMAD registry (chronic inflammatory bowel disease).

NEPHRONOR registry – KIDNEY network (end-stage chronic renal failure).

Belgian French Community Nephrology Register (end-stage chronic renal failure).

Lille MONICA registry (cardiovascular events).

RéAC register (cardiac arrests).


Three reference centers

The term “reference center” is used to describe a hospital ward that is a reference in a given territory due to its reputation and its specialisation. Although data from these centres cannot be considered in the same way as those of a health register, they do provide a clear and almost complete picture of a health event in the territory in question.

LOGOS_CHSurgery and Orthopedics Department of CHRU Lille Pediatric Visceral Surgery Team (hypospadias)

Institute of Reproductive Biology – Spermiology – CECOS, CHRU Lille (male fertility)

Wattrelos Hospital (progressive supranuclear palsy)


Two general population surveys

A cross-sectional survey uses data for a representative sample of individuals (e.g. prevalence of a disease, biomonitoring) to describe the state of health of a population at a given time.

ELISABET survey, Institut Pasteur de Lille

IMEPOGE survey, University of Lille EA 4483


Scientific partnerships

Logos des partenaires scientifiques de SIGLESUniversity of Lille – EA2694: Public health: epidemiology and quality of careCERIM (biostatistics, epidemiology, spatial statistics)

University of Littoral Côte d’Opale – EA4477: Territories, Cities, Environment and Society (human and social sciences, geography, planning and town planning)



Local government partners

Logos des institutions partenaires de SIGLES

Région Hauts de France


Métropole Européenne de Lille


Ville de Lille – Urban risk department.



Associative partnerships

Logos des associations partenaires de SIGLES

Association for the Prevention of Atmospheric Pollution (« APPA »):

an association that compiles information about the monitoring of air and transfers the resulting knowledge to professionals and the general public.


Atmo Nord-Pas-de-Calais Association:

a state-approved association for the monitoring of air quality.