The team members

This research program is carried out by researchers, Associate Professors and Professors at the University of Lille. All are members of the Laboratoire de Génie Civil et Géo-Environnement or the EA2694 group.




Dr. Damien Cuny (PR) : CV






Dr. Annabelle Deram (PR) : CV, Researchgate




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Dr. Caroline Lanier (MCU) : Page pro, Researchgate, Linked’In





Dr. Florent Occelli (MCU) : Page proResearchgate, Linked’In




Dr. Michaël Genin (MCU) : Page pro, Researchgate, Linked’In




Delphine Brousmiche (Doctorante 2020-2023) : CV, Researchgate, Linked’In




Lara Maria Wakim (Doctorante 2020-2023) : Researchgate, Linked’In




Dr. Quentin Tenailleau (IGR – Post Doctorat) : Page pro, Researchgate, Linked’In





Diane Radola (IGE) : CV




The scientific results of this project are implemented within the teaching of a number of courses for undergraduates and for continuing education for professionals. These are: